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February 3, 2013


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Truth about Hinauchi, again lmfao

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 3, 2013, 10:05 AM

Rite so we've all heard it the shit with Dally and what not, so I thought I'd tell my own story hurr hur, since everyone is taking a stand might as well to oops.

Okay for a recap all the shit with Dally they had sex behind fen's back (Dally was lead to believe that she had concent as she asked her husbands permission and he said it was okay). Samm then chickened out said Dally raped her to Fen… Fen's post on tumblr shows this clearly, again we do have logs of Samm saying it was all concented……

So what ya'll probably don't know.

Did you know this isn't the first time she cheated? Or the second? But the third time, I know for a fact she cheated a while back on Collin with some other guy and that she was murry purry with Chelcie while she was still dating Dani. Oh also this is the second time she lied about being raped though, most of us old dA users remember when she broke up with Patience after she cheated on her to get her attention she got some poor user to shout that she had killed herself with a pill over dose and that she had been raped images.encyclopediadramatica.s….

This is a bit of my story now v-v

I used to be "friends" with her ages ago, she was actually my first ever skype contact if you want a time frame there x'D. She'd be fine to talk to, when she was single but once she got someone she completely abandoned her friends and only concentrated on her partner. Well, don't believe me just ask my best friend of nearly a year Kitmit sweetest, kindest girl you'd ever meet, never lets you down not even for a second.

Remember how she became Samm's best friend 5ever when her and Patience broke up. Kitmit did everything for that girl got her christmas, birthday presents Samm would call her at 4am crying and she'd sit there and listen to her. I know she did this because she'd do the same for me as I would for her. Gabe, Kitmit's boyfriend commissioned Samm for a birthday present for Kitmit. This was not done on time even though she was given over a month warning in advance and a target date to complete. Gabe wrestled for a refund, but of course, Samm does not do those. After another two weeks or so she finally bothered her ass to do it, however it was so bad she was embarassed to post it. So she sent it to her privately and nothing was heard of it again.

An ex-friend of mine to whom I shall not name, had a fursuit commission to which had not been done in over two years(THIS IS NOT THE SAME PERSON WHO WROTE THE ORIGINAL CALL OUT JOURNAL). When I confronted Samm about this she completely passed me off or ignored me. Not only this but she had an art commission to that has only VERY resently done. One day I had, had enough of Samm ignoring myself and her apparent best friend (Kitmit had actually been in tears for the amount of hurt she was getting from this girl) Whelp, I confronted her, as nicely as I could. I told her that we were upset and that she should try and listen to us instead of always fonding over Chelcie. She had done so much more personal artwork for her and her girlfriend than actually getting what she was supposed to done. I do this sometimes but only as a refresher never for bloody 6 months to a year or whatever. She yelled at me, shouted whatever I got really angry at her, we had kept quiet FOR MONTHS AND MONTHS hoping she'll get her act together.

It's fine being obsessive in a relationship for the first few months because everything is new and exciting but when it get's to month 7-8 it's just not normal. I yelled back at her I said that she wouldn't even pay attention when my ex-girlfriend and I were trying to raise money desperately. I looked for past logs between us two but it did turn out she had no knowledge of this, I did admit I was wrong to her on that aspect (since do I aknowledge when I am wrong generally) later she used this against me to saying I only want friends who will give me shout outs and shit. Which is obviously not true if you ask any of my current friends or the ones I've met up irl with like Bee or Nooshi.

Someone had made a journal the next day called "The black list" where you'd mention bad commissioners. Of course I mentioned her, out of anger mainly, although I was unhappy with the commission result of my own one that I commissioned her. I said I thought it was "Half-assed" aka I didn't feel she put effort into it. I never said once that this was the right thing to do. I admit without any excuse that this was not right on my part at all and I apologised many many times. (She also used this as an excuse for not getting her commissions done, yes, that little comment OH LOOK I CAN USE THIS AS A NEW EXCUSE)

Again she started ranting at me in public, I told her to take it to skype privately. So we did again she ended up shouting at myself and I apologised, never tried to cover it up at all or make up lies and excuses but simply stated after our fall out the previous day I was angry and wasn't thinking straight. We weren't getting anywhere with the conversation so I told her just to drop it for now and we'll talk again later when we've calmed down.

Yep, she removed me off skype.

She drew several bits of vent art after this although she never mentioned by name in these she made it blatantly obvious it was me by doing this remaking the commission and putting CO-REMAKE on it and the caption "Hope this isn't half assed" straight after she posted that vent art. Kitmit saw I had apologised that I had taken blame for everything even though she literally told me to fuck off (You can actually see me apologising on her vent art if you go far back into the comments and her reaction). When she tried to reason with Samm she ended up saying all sorts of abuse at both her and I. Saying things like I deserved to suffer etc.

Kitmit was upset over this seeing us fight was hurting her as she still didn't want to loose what they previously had together, when Samm was single. Again I hate seeing her hurt, like any of my other friends, so I tried again to make her see reason and apologised for about the 50th time seeing if we could sort shit out. She then whined to one of my close friends at the time who also became her "close friend" after we had a fight and she saw that kitmit was one of my best friends. I was incredibly hurt to find out that my friend had told personal stuff about me to her (This was the same friend who commissioned the fursuit and the art who I had been defending, this felt like a massive stab in the back).

Of course I got mad at her I told her she was only being friends with her because she was so starstruck by being able to talk to her idol (She's young) if it were anyone else, like Kitmit they would of seen sense. But you know what she felt bad and said sorry, and you know what else. I FORGAVE HER FOR EVERYTHING. But some other shit happened between her and my other friend and unfortunatly because of this we are no longer friends. We found out that Samm had actually become jealous of me for also being best friends with Kitmit so she wanted one of my other friends so she took the one she knew was a massive fangirl of hers.

She even went on to say that the vent art she drew about me was actually about Kitmit. Despite the blatantly obvious caption on it. In an attempt to win her back and after she REMADE my commission she wanted to GIFT kitmit for the terrible work she did on her birthday commission, although she said this was because she felt bad we get the feeling this was only done to spite me. Kitmit and I left it until one day she decided to stir up shit again.

She accused me of making this troll account here :iconemo-scene-girl: lol. Even though both myself and the troll gave our IP addresses that stated we were both in different countries she continued to ramble on that it's me. You can see the logs if you go far back on the trolls profile comments section. Here I'll help…

Here's just a few I can find right now that she said.

"I wont feel like an idiot, if anyone should it's you for thinking you could actually get away with this. You truly are a low life piece of shit lmao, sorry I didn't kiss your ass an accept your worhtless apology, maybe it'll teach you not to treat your friends like shit wont it?"

"I hope you're left with nobody, not your girlfriend, not kitmit, no one, you don't deserve anyone. You're only motive is to hurt people, and when something doesn't go your way you try your best to get revenge as you sit there in a puddle of your own tears with tissues by your side."

There are a lot more if you look around, I never make troll accounts I seriously don't even care enough about her to give her that kind of attention she craves.

So yeah this is all I can remember since it happened in August. If I've missed anything feel free to add.


Little extra things I should add. (I'll add more later I gtg for dinner)

For her fursuit commissions she claims not having money for materials but I remember her exclaiming to me personally about the $600 she spent on two fox pelts as a gift for chelcie.
She didn't go through with the purchase however thank god she has some sense.

She bought a red platinum fox for $350 not too long ago and just last night (Today is the 8th of feb) she was enquiring about buying another for $375…
apparently she was asking for the sellers to put these on hold.
She has now paid back the person who commissioned her the fursuit

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ZAKDerefF Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
This is pretty old but I keep seeing comments about "Selena." Who exactly is Selena? From the looks of it, she was your fursona who Samm turned into Rena, or atleast that's what her army keeps implying. 
Tuna-Kitty Featured By Owner May 24, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist many horror stories from her. Thank goodness I wasn't around to see it. But can one of you older deviants tell me what happened to her account? While she as a person is terrible, her art can be good and I wanted to check it out. Do any of you know what happened to her?
indieflowers Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2013  Student Digital Artist
ha wowe she breathes this in and exhales it like its a drug im fuckin


i thought i liked samm but woops ha no ye byE !!!
Denotec Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Hinauchi drama everywur, I swear it follows her every where she goes. Always.  She lives, breathes and eats drama. 

VasiliyV0dka Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2013  Student General Artist
(i know this is late reply but i just hapeened to stumble appon this and can relate to the commission shit)  totally agree wif this <333 i have talked to Tashia through FA and got a late commission from her but it was detailed butifulz n perfect <333 i commissioned a $15 chibi from samm in a stream saw her finish it and she still hasn't uploaded it and it's been whut?! liek a week, two weeks?! i did see her upload ych auctions on FA and then a doodle here, but no commission! plus my character's design has changed since then, whut a waste of money -_-
Giggity1230 Featured By Owner May 26, 2013
what she said is terrible! :c she probably just wants attention and is butthurt :I i hope that one day shell treat you right!
Ekc6 Featured By Owner May 2, 2013
She has NOT paid that person back Ethan is a liar
x0Tashia0x Featured By Owner May 2, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeahhhh she lied to her boyfriend Idk if I can be bothered changing the journal tho
Ekc6 Featured By Owner May 2, 2013
Oooooh no lol I didn't want you to feel the need to do that but I just couldn't believe they both lied about it and on this journal btw in the comments XD just so much stupid lol I totally understand seeing this drama changes so much XD
B0WT1ES Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2013
There are rumors going around that Samm let her dogs eat her out not once, but twice. It's not 100% confirmed but it's leaning towards true more than lies.

[link] (the submitter is unknown)

Fuck I'm so done with Samm.
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